Valed Ragtag Band

Sansa’s Team

The essays for Sansa’s team come with Spoiler Warnings because several members of the Valed ragtag band only appear in two chapters so far, Sansa’s last chapter in aFfC and her excerpt chapter of tWoW. A major contributor for Sansa’s ragtag band is Blue Eyed Wolf, who I proudly welcome on this blog as co-author. Give her some of that love that you give me!

When we want to figure out Sansa’s team in the Vale, there is one major issue. It is absolutely not obvious who is friend and foe. Just as Sansa many are “veiled” behind a disguise, are potentially out to betray her, or employed by Littlefinger. It is not always possible to tackle the members separately, for the identity speculation of one potential member is intertwined with the other.

For the moment we can say that the members Sansa’s ragtag are defined by love and the need for redemption. They are the stuff of fairytales, and not always who they say they are (like Sansa).