Character Analysis

Top illustration: House Stark by Hueco Mundo

A majority of my essays include character analysis within a theme or from a certain angle. Overall these are listed per theme, but here is a list of them by character instead.

Lyanna Stark
Ned Stark
  • A Bear’s Kiss – Jorah and Dany: The influence Jorah has on Dany’s reawakening of sexuality after losing Drogo. (Bears and Maidens)
  • Brass Alchemism: Analysis on Dany’s brass mirror scenes at the port of Qarth, an alchemistic transformation from quicksilver to brass. (Mirror Mirror)
  • Dany (Part 1) – Slaying Saint George’s Dragon: Analysis of Dany’s first five chapters in aGoT in relation to the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, but Viserys not being much of a dragon. (Serwyn of the Mirror Shield)
  • Dany (Part 2) – Saint George’s True Dragon: Dany hatches as a dragon during her wedding to Drogo to eventually birth her own hatchlings. Her attire, attributes and army are metaphorical representations of a dragon’s tail, skin, teeth, claws and wings. (Serwyn of the Mirror Shield)
  • A Beast’s Kiss – Sansa’s maturation: The influence of the imagined kiss of Sandor on Sansa’s sexual maturation. (Bears and Maidens)
  • Sansa and the Giants: Prediction on Sansa’s arc in the Vale for tWoW.  (Trail of the Red Stallion)
  • Shadrich, Morgarth and Byron: The potential identities of these three characters that show up in Sansa’s arc and how they may impact her. (Ragtag Band of Misfits) Written by guest author Blue Eyed Wolf.
Mormont Women
  • Bear Ancestry: Why the Mormont women claim their children were fathered by a bear. (Bears and Maidens)
Craster, Gilly
The Night’s King and Corpse Queen
  • Timeline Stuff: Analysis of the timeline of the Long Night and the Night’s King (Night’s King)
  • What use is a Night’s King: What purpose did the Night’s King serve for the corpse queen and the Others (Night’s King)
  • From Sandkings to Nightqueens: The evidence for the corpse queen being an ice spider like maw inspired by George’s former story Sandkings.
Areo Hotah
  • Behind the Mirror: Analysis of Areo Hotah’s POV, a unique reliable narrator (Mirror Mirror)
House Blackfyre
  • House Blackfyre: Proposals and analysis on Aegon IV, Naerys and the Dragonknight, Daemon Blackfyre, Bittersteel, and Maelys Blackfyre (Ragtag Band of Misfits)
Varys & Co
  • Lord Varys introduction: Short overview on the direct claims made about Varys and spider mythology (Ragtag Band of Misfits)
  • The Spider’s Origin (Part1): Following the silk route all the way to Qarth and Varys’ parallels to Xaro, as well as possible genetical fantasy reasons to epxlain Varys’ features and why the Lyseni sold him to a traveling troupe of mummers.
  • Haldon, the Halfmaester: Character study of Haldon as maester, his one flaw, and the potential identity that prevented him from acquiring a chain