A Compilation of Predictions

Over the years I ventured to make some predictions of what the future arcs or plot may reveal. Sometimes this is but a small section of a larger thematic analysis. Sometimes I devoted a whole essay on this. Here you find a list of these essays.

From the Chtonic Cycle:

  • The Cursed Souls of Eddard and Robert: As lord of the underworld, Ned Stark damns several people from his black cell: Cersei, Jaime, Janos Slynt, the Gold Cloaks, Pycelle, Barristan Selmy, Renly, Littlefinger and Varys. Slynt, Pycelle and Renly are dead already. The rest will too.

From the Trail of the Red Stallion:

  • Ned Stark’s Wrong Bet: Best not bet on the riders of red stallions. Red stallions tend to end up riderless.
  • Sansa’s Tourneys tend to foreshadow later events and fates of the jousters.
  • Sansa and the Giants: prediction that an avalanche and mountains clans led by Timett son of Timett will interrupt the Vale tourney and especially the first leads to a massacre that not even the lord of chaos Littlefinger can master.

From the Blood Seal Thesis:

  • They’re Here! Analysis of wolf behavior and body language in combination with snowstorms and foreshadowing via Borroq’ boar to say with confidence that some Others are in fact present at the other side of the Wall, during Bowen Marsh’s mutiny and that Jon’s blood on the snow breaks or cracks the Wall’s protection, so they can raise a ‘pig’ army of buried brothers in the lichyard.