Mystery Collection

Several essays I have written over the years within a certain analysis theme have tried to propose answers to certain mysteries, from minor to bigger. I recompiled them into a list here.

From the Chthonic Cycle

From Bears and Maidens

  • Bear Ancestry: What’s up with the Mormont women and why do they claim a bear fathered their children?
  • Craster’s Black Blooded Curse: The murder mystery of Benjen & co, Craster’s potential involvement, an axe, and blood sausages.

From Mirror Mirror:

  • Behind the Mirror: We can use the living lie detector and rare reliable narrator Areo Hotah to analyse claims and plans made in the chapter when Balon Swann delivers the alleged skull of Gregor Clegane.

From Serwyn of the Mirror Shield

From Ragtag Band of Misfits:

  • House Blackfyre: a reconstruction of the information on Aegon IV, Naerys and the Dragonknight, why Daemon Blackfyre finally rebelled when he did, Bittersteel, and Maelys Blackfyre as Daemon Blackfyre’s last son usurping his nephew or second cousin ahead in line, and Daario Naharis as the actual Blackfyre instead of (f)Aegon VI.
  • The Spider’s Origin (Part I): Lord Varys‘ potential ties to Qarth.
  • Haldon, the Halfmaester: solving the mystery why Haldon never managed to acquire a chain, and the textual hints point to him being a trans character.
  • Shadrich, Morgarth and Byron: guest author Blue Eyed Wolf‘s proposal that Shadrich is Howland Reed, Morgarth is the elder brother of Quiet Isle and Ser Byron is a glamored Sandor Clegane.

From World Building:

From The Night’s King:

  • Timeline Stuff: Firs there was the Long Night, then two centuries later the Night’s King. And yes, Brandon the Builder was involved with all the constructions accredited to him… somehow.
  • What use is a Night’s King? : Proposes the Night’s King use was mainly to sacrifice babies or children to the corpse queen like Craster did, to smuggle the corpse queen south of the warded Wall so she could birth her Others there like Mel does at Storm’s End, and to bind followers to her hivemind.
  • From Sandkings to Nightqueens: The corpse queen is a maw who eats babies, sheep, and dogs. Using a glamor she deceived the Night’s King and after his defeat and death survived for centuries as the thing-that-comes-in-the-night at the Nightfort. She is not the sole maw on Planetos: the spotted maw of Sothoryos, . Shade of Qarth. There once was a maw at the heart of proto-Andalos. And then there is Leng and K’Dath of course.
  • Craster and his Wives: how a maw feeds her Others.